Zurich visits MUC

In June several employees of the city of Zurich’s open space authority came to visit the city of Munich’s green planning department in order to establish a dialogue concerning joint challenges and issues. They were especially interested in topics such as the process and compositions of green planning in Munich, the Munich open space concept 2030, the green belt’s pathway concept, the EU project LOS_DAMA!, and the inner-city Isar. The latter also served as a perfect destination for a nice walk rich in discussion and interaction by the riverside.


Field trip MUC to TRENTO

Numerous members of the department of green planning of the city of Munich had the pleasure of taking a field trip to Trento at the end of October. Apart from a joint walk concerning the development of Trento and their green areas i.e. in the ‘Le Albere’ neighborhood, we also got informed about green spaces pathways by representatives of the Comune di Trento and local stakeholders. In addition, we took the Sardagna cableway in order to reach the panoramic terrace of ‘Busa degli orsi’and enjoy a breathtaking view from above. This listing only serves as an example of our diverse impressions of Trento during these two much too short days. The city has so much to offer and we will definitely visit again.



Our symbolic element – picture frame

For our symbolic element under the category of transnational learning and exchange we chose to create picture frames with different questions about the local pilot projects and the green infrastructure, that will raise awareness to the transnational dimension of LOS_DAMA!. It also shows the transnational link between the different local pilot projects of our partners.




8th meeting in Turin

The 8th project meeting was hosted by Maria Quarta, Sarah Braccio and Luigi La Riccia from the Regione Piemonte.
On our first day we discussed the local pilot activities, each in a short presentation and Martine, Nuria and Christina introduced the final toolbox, which we then reviewed in small groups. Aurore and Alessandro persented the status quo of A.T3.2. We also did a final review on our publications “Discovering landscapes” and “Compendium” and discussed our digital activites within the project.The second day was dedicated to visiting the local pilot of Turin. First we were given symbolic element handouts which functioned as frames for taking pictures. While discovering the local pilot area we got a lot of information not only from our direct project partners but also from external experts. In the afternoon we visited the beach of Turin and also the Meisino Park.On our last day we talked about the agenda for the final conference and we discussed the closure of our project at the end of this year, particularly the financial management. We also got into depth about the continuation of the city network after LOS_DAMA! project ends. Manuelas and Karstens presentation to landscape approaches was very informative for everyone. Together with our knowledge partners we discussed the scientific contributions and conferences concerning LOS_DAMA!.

LOS_DAMA! at Hoge Veluwe (NL) for ENCORE workshop

The Bavarian Ministry for the Environment invited LOS_DAMA! for representing the project and EUSALP AG7 at the preparation workshop for ENCORE’s 2020 conference in Dublin. ENCORE is the Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe (https://www.encoreweb.bayern.de/). The workshop “Maintaining and Enhancing Ecosystem Services in Urban Regions” took place in the Dutch province of Gelderland, in the area of Hoge Veluwe in July 2019 (https://www.hogeveluwe.nl/en/about-the-park).Participants discussed input from the park and ecosystem management, from experts of regenerative energy, agriculture and forestry. Besides LOS_DAMA!, also Northrhine-Westphalia presented a strategic green infrastructure approach.The site visit included a bicycle tour through Hoge Veluwe and on-site information about a former car park, which was transformed to Catharina-Amalia-park and water area with underground parking in Apeldoorn (http://www.landezine.com/index.php/2015/01/catharina-amalia-park-apeldoorn-by-okra/).



10th IALE World Congress

The 10th IALE World Congress took place from 1st July until 5th July 2019 in Milano, Italy. LOS_DAMA! has been well (re-)presented at the 10th IALE World Congress with the topic “Nature and society facing the Anthropocene: challenges and perspectives for Landscape Ecology”. In total 5 contributions introduced topics and results related to the LOS_DAMA! Project.

Alessandro Betta (City of Trento), Prof. Dr. Stephan Pauleit and Martina van Lierop (TUM) and Dr. Aurore Meyfroidt (Universitè Grenoble-Alpes), Maria Quarta, Sarah Braccio and Francesca La Greca (Region Piedmont) presented by one of their collaborators Maddalena Gioia Gibelli (Studio Gioia Gibelli) and Sergeja Praper (UIRS) explored the peri-urban landscapes of the LOS_DAMA! pilot projects.

Europe Day in Munich

For this special day the City of Munich organized an Event at the Marienplatz for different projects, groups and organizations, that are focusing on making Europe better and helping its people every day, to bring awareness to the citizens and tourists in Munich about the goals and achievements of those projects.

LOS_DAMA! had its tent directly in front of the town hall of Munich! We informed people about our project and brought awareness to our local partners in & around Munich. We asked people about their favourite place in their city. Through that we got to talk and connect with many citizens about beautiful places and where the city still needed improvements.Although the weather was not the best we still were able to reach many people and had a lot of interesting conversations while doing so!

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