LUIGI – follow-up project for GAM and SIR

Salzburg Institute for Regional Development and Housing and Grenoble Alpes Métropole, continue their cooperation as partners in the new Interreg Alpine Space Project LUIGI. The metropolis of Milan is leading this project, the former LOS_DAMA! Lead Partner City of Munich is involved as an observer. LUIGI and the other approved Interreg Alpine Space project OpenSpaceAlps  will  both run from 2019 until 2022.

LUIGI is the acronym for “Linking urban and inner-Alpine green infrastructure – multifunctional ecosystem services for more liveable areas”. LUIGI is closely cooperating with action groups of the European Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP). Through this project and via EUSALP AG 7 the LOS_DAMA! project partners will stay in touch with each other and the members of the Alpine Cities and Metropolitan Authorities Network. After LOS_DAMA!, the network provides an important cooperation framework for exchanging and sharing activities for better green infrastructure.

OpenSpaceAlps – follow-up project for SIR and UIRS

Next to LUIGI another Interreg Alpine Space Projecthas been approved with LOS_DMA! project partners:  OpenSpaceAlps is dedicated to the sustainable development of alpine open spaces by improving spatial planning governance.

The former LOS_DAMA! partner Salzburg Institute of Regional development and Housing (SIR) will be the Leadpartner, Tte Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (UIRS) is involved as a project partner. the new teamof OpenSpaceAlps will closely cooperate with the European Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP), especially Action Group 6 and 7.


Blue Green City – Follow-up project for Piedmont Region

The former LOS_DAMA! project partner Piedmont Region together with 7 other regions forms the new team of the project “Blue and Green infrastructure for Sustainable Cities”.  This project is funded by the Interreg EUROPE Cooperation Program. It aims to promote green and blue infrastructure as an integral part of local/regional natural heritage conservation strategies. Through project events such as workshops and training courses, awareness of the concept of ecosystem services and green-blue infrastructure will be raised.


AlpTrees – follow-up project for TRENT

Together with 11 other partners, the City of Trento is collaborating in the new Interreg Alpine Space project Alptrees to adapt Alpine forests to climate change. The sustainable use and management of non-native trees in the Alpine Space will be analysed by creating a comprehensive database on their current and potential distribution in times of global warming.

What´s next? – Trento

Even after LOS_DAMA! has finished in December 2019, the City of Trent will continue with their activities on the local level:
During 2020, TRENT will offer ten primary and secondary schools a series of laboratories in parks called “Small Urban Forest” using the playing cards developed and published in LOS_DAMA! On the basis of additional projects and studies on green communication and education, Trento developed data sets that are used, among other things, to organise maintenance work on existing paths. In addition, internal and external communication will be improved to enhance the exchange and collaboration between colleagues and citizens.


What´s next? – Salzburg

The Salzburg Institute for Regional Development and Housing has developed an “Ecopool Salzburg” concept as a pilot during the LOS_DAMA! After the project end SIR will continue in working in the thematic field of Open Space and Green Infrastructure. The team will continue the exchange with regional actors and stakeholders and promote the process of awareness building for establishing an intercommunal compensation management system in the medium to long term.


What´s next – Vienna

In cooperation with the neighbouring municipality of Gerasdorf, the City of Vienna was drawing up planning documents for a regional park that spans several municipalities and is an important part of the green belt in the north of Vienna during LOS_DAMA!

For the implementation a new project management for the Viennese part of the regional park was set up. Within the project duration of two years, an organisational structure for the further implementation of the regional park will be defined and the cooperation between Vienna and Gerasdorf will ensure a coordinated approach.


What´s next? – Slovenia

In the near future there are some activities for the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia that ensue directly from the LOS_DAMA! project. These include the dissemination of project products and results to stakeholders and the general public in the urban region of Ljubljana and throughout Slovenia, all of which has resulted directly from the LOS_DAMA project!

UIRS LOS_DAMA! team members will also be included in elaboration of a scientific paper, led by colleagues from TUM, on application of the green infrastructure concept as an approach for urban planning. The paper will be based on experience from the Green Surge and LOS_DAMA! projects.


What`s next? – Munich

We are all sad that this project is over now, but don`t worry, the LOS_DAMA project bought many changes with it, which will entail many new projects in the future. The individual cities are still working to improve the cooperation.

The City of Munich will continue to cooperate with Dachau Fen and Heathland at the local level. A landscape treasure hunt will be conducted in the Dachau Fen in summer 2020 and in the heathland in summer 2021.
Together with neighbouring communities, important interest groups and citizens, a second and third treasure map is already being planned. This process builds everything on the experiences of LOS_DAMA!

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